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Sculptra is a fantastic unique product for correcting the underlying causes and and visible signs of aging. It differs from a dermal filler by replenishing your natural collagen so you can achieve great natural looking results for over 2 years!

Sculptra can be used for most areas of your face to lift, sculpt and smooth out deeper lines. Depending on your age, and desired result, three treatments are generally required 6-8 weeks apart. The results are gradual and very natural and the first thing you notice is your glowing skin!

Often known as the liquid facelift Sculptra is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for long lasting results.

It is essential Sculptra is injected by a fully trained and experienced practitioner as we are at Skin Associates and the aftercare guidelines are followed. Your practitioner will discuss this at length with you and follow you up at regular intervals.

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